Helpful Answers to Common Questions

Here are some common questions organizations have before they sign up. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions

Why GivingShared?

Our Vision is to give you the tools to grow your churches, non-profit, or groups generosity potential. We have simplified the giving process and have made giving accessible and easy for anyone, anytime and in anyplace.

Will I be stuck in a contract?

Absolutely not!  We have no contracts.  That means there are no risks to try us!

Are there any monthly fees or hidden fees not listed on your site?

Nope!  We charge a flat rate of 1% on top of your merchant fees. If you do high volume let us know we can get you a lower rate!  If you use stripe their fee is 2.9% + 30c.

What about those Credit Card fees?

At GivingShared we give all organizations the option to use offset fees. This gives your community of givers the option to cover up to 100% of the fees.

Do we have to use Stripe? What if we have a different service we would like to use?

Let us know what merchant service or gateway you use and in many cases, we’ll work with you to build a custom integration!

How long does it take to get set up to take donations?

We have a super easy sign-up process that you could be up and running, taking donations in less than 30 minutes if you want to use Stripe as your payment processor.